Improve education and understanding of abortion

THE propagation of human life is nature ordained. All life is created by the intelligent life force, unseen by human eyes. As individuals we are only instrumental in the process.

It can only be marvelled over when contemplating how a fertile egg is produced in the woman’s body and sperm in the male. Take a look at the microscopically small DNA and genes within these cells. When sperm and ovum meet, their single-strand DNA precisely combine to create the perfect blueprint for a completely formed human adult body.

At that point in time a complete individual soul (consciousness) takes residence in that first germ cell and brings with it all its personality traits, to continue its upward evolution. This is not something happening at birth or later, it happens there and then. Nature has arranged for the growth of this newly created individual to take place deep within the woman’s body to give it the best protection and provide it with all the nutrients required to grow. Then the process of cell division begins and manufactures that body and produces the particular body cells when and where needed, be they organs, bone or whatever. There it has the best chance of healthy and normal development.

It is a woman’s most precious and highest duty to protect the growing embryo and in due time to give birth. Subconsciously or consciously the woman’s mind will be on that growing baby day and night. And when it is born, she can express her motherly love and build the bond between her and the child. A mother’s love is the highest and most noble in the world. It is totally unselfish in this lifelong bond.

Nature has designed male and female bodies in such a way, that requires the blend of male and female DNA to give the creative intelligence greater scope to produce a new unique human body.

For this to happen, man and woman have to come together in the sex act. A woman has freedom to choose before sex whether she is ready and willing to commit herself to be the vehicle of bringing a new life into the world. However, if and when she does become pregnant, she no longer has this choice. It then becomes her nature-ordained duty to go through with this pregnancy. Therefore, ideally, sex should be reserved for marriage, where both, father and mother, are willing and ready to take care of that child until adulthood and beyond.

That brings us to the subject of abortion. This is not an ideal world and unwanted pregnancies do happen. But instead of contemplating abortion, both the father and their families, as well as society as a whole, should help together, so that the mother can go through with her pregnancy. After all, abortion is murder of the worst kind against a helpless and innocent human being, however small. Then, if a mother is incapable to take care of that baby or circumstances prevent her from doing so, it is better to give up this infant for adoption to a marriage wanting children, but being themselves unable to.

When we hear the slogan by the pro-abortion lobby ‘my body, my choice’, we can see this is misguided thinking. From the point of conception, there are now two of them. The woman is now no longer responsible for her own body alone, but also for that new individual growing within her. Therefore she has no ‘right’ to take the life of that unborn individualgrowing within her, as this is not actually a part of her body, but is merely attached to it to facilitate its growth and protection.

However, to criminalise abortion does not help anybody, it just makes things worse. Whether society allows it or forbids it, the laws of nature are broken and will bring adverse consequences.

Medical science was founded on the principles and ethics to work only for the healing of mankind and never to harm anyone.

It goes against its own principles to facilitate abortion.

In conclusion, there should be a fostering of better education and understanding in society of the whole subject, in addition to more love and compassion.

R. S.

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