We can and must do better for our nurses

AROUND two weeks ago I was very unwell, ending up in the PEH. The following day the family were called as my condition had seriously deteriorated – not that I knew at the time but I was by then in ICU with a large number of tubes and wires attached to my body. Doctors and nurses working tirelessly to keep me alive.

For this I find it virtually impossible to express in words how to thank them, but thank them I do from the bottom of my heart for without their outstanding knowledge and care I wouldn’t be writing this today.

When I came around a lot of my time was spent just thinking and I learned a great deal especially about myself and the really important things in life. Family, love, tolerance, happiness, gratitude.

Even the sun coming up and going down.

Whilst laying there I wasn’t worrying whether we have three schools or two schools or who our next chief minister might be. No, my thoughts were with our wonderful nurses, the girls and boys that attend to your every whim with patience and understanding even at three in the morning when they are nine hours through a 12- hour shift.

Guernsey is a rich island and we need to recognise and reward these forgotten heroes properly, perhaps even more so now when one considers what has happened with Covid in the last two years.

Where would we have been without them?

And don’t forget, if we lose them we may never get them back.

So please remember this when the next island election comes up. Question the candidates’ thoughts on nurses’ pay and conditions, because that will be a major factor in my selection process.

We can and must do better for our nurses.

They kept me alive, for which I will be eternally grateful. They are my real angels.

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