Elderly who worked hard for decades penalised by States

WITH reference to Rod Hamon’s letter ‘Hard working older generation needs support’ [Thursday 28 October] we, as OAPs, totally concur with his viewpoints. Well said Mr Hamon.

We are lucky to still have our elderly mothers with us, both of whom worked hard all their lives so they did not have to rely on handouts from the States to bring up their children and feed and clothe their family, even working long hours in more than one job when times were hard.

Surely, now they are both in their 90s, they and indeed all our aged population deserve more respect from the politicians on this island who, all too often in their deliberations, come across as demeaning the elderly for living too long and causing the shortfall in the States’ coffers by (that generation) now hoping for some help/assistance for all the years they toiled hard and helped to sustain the island’s economy by paying their taxes without complaining.

Many elderly islanders thought that by working hard and buying their homes they were providing for future generations of their family, but why did they bother when they are now being penalised with even more taxes just because they have pensions and own property?

Not everyone previously earned enough to pay into private investment funds to supplement a States pension. Their wages went on providing for their own without having to beg for help. Unfortunately, their families will certainly not benefit from their hard work in the past.

The current Assembly seem to think nothing of giving handouts to the younger generation, many of whom have never held a job or contributed to the economy but receive more than generous allowances from the States so do not have to go out to work.

Pride stops the older generation going cap in hand for help.



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