Teachers are being ignored

THE schools will have a right nightmare at the moment. It’s all the disruption from absences through waiting for tests, their own kids being off. Other sickness absences, not just Covid.

If they think masks would be a help then it might be useful to take it on board?

Remember, we were told the operational minutiae would be down to the staff but as soon as they suggest something it’s criticised in the media.

The schools can’t force kids to do something that isn’t mandatory.

If they published the absences, it might show how much of a problem it really is.

Before the election teachers were the experts.

This doesn’t help staff morale or retention, or kids’ education, which is what is supposed to be being enabled.

Whichever way you want to look at it the working relationship is not good and the government as the employer have work to do to make their staff happier.

There are people out there who still refer back to last term. Let’s concentrate on this term. The teachers said they could support a three-school model (Cameron amendment) but were ignored. Now we are told this model may not be able to be delivered due to not knowing how much it will cost or how long the delay will be.

The teachers have asked for masks to be mandated in schools to reduce disruption and are being moaned at for it. The teachers aren’t politicians. They are teachers and their job is to teach. They aren’t looking to win silly political battles.


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