‘This is Guernsey and it is under bad management’

WHO on earth makes all these bad decisions in the island?

It would appear they have not changed the system in years and still put people in charge who will not rock the boat or know more than the people who employ them so they cannot show them up with superior knowledge of/in the job.

The bathing pools is a prime example. Lots of people swim all year round and love the pools but often they have been left empty for a week and then when the valve is shut and a pool is left to fill up, there is a sign put up saying the pool is closed for cleaning.

We also have the farce of the steps collapsing down that end of the island and left for years while the States figures out how they can waste our money elsewhere before they come up with the idea that perhaps businesses can pay for infrastructure improvements.

Take a look around you guys. It is not silly ideas like a tunnel we need – it is a complete overhaul of the place. The roads are in a mess. The volume of traffic is at an all-time high and all the people who were going to sort it out before the last election have done nothing but make it worse.

I would say signs should be posted at the harbour and airport not reading ‘Welcome to Guernsey’ but instead reading ‘This is Guernsey and it is under bad management’.


5, Rosemount

Mont Arrive

St Peter Port


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