Kick this ridiculous timewaster of an idea into the long grass

OH DEAR. So two committees are wasting their time and our money on the regulation of false grass. Really?

What’s next? No decking, no tarmac, no patios?

Of course, in an ideal world real grass would be preferable but can we not just get the message across that, instead of yet more regulations telling us what we cannot do, our political masters should realise that, as we live in a free society, they should be concentrating on helping us rather than banning the harmless little things we like to do to make our lives happier?

It would be much better if they focused on the serious issues our island needs urgently to address – a shrinking economy due to lack of manpower, with so many businesses in decline as a result, a chronic housing crisis leading to so many of our young people moving overseas, and an education system still in transition, toying with the futures of our children.

Instead we have the Press leading on the story that our planners are looking to introduce restrictions on artificial grass. We need grown-up politics for grown-up issues. Kick this ridiculous timewaster of an idea into the long grass.


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