Prioritise protection of real fields before dealing with fake grass

FRONT page news on the Guernsey Press, Wednesday 22 June, was all about the panic over the spread of plastic grass. Two government departments are working together on the project, that is Environment & Infrastructure and Development & Planning, all being led by Deputy Adrian Gabriel.

I find this all a complete joke that there is now a panic to stop this occurring in our island due to its reducing of biodiversity.

Deputy Gabriel states that installing fake grass causes food loss for wildlife. He also states another list of reasons why our land needs protection – it causes flooding, and so on.

Well Deputy Gabriel, what is your answer to all the rest of the land in Guernsey with proper grass such as green fields? Is your department and the DPA protecting these areas? We think not.

Deputy Victoria Oliver said planning legislation was ongoing – not in the view of most islanders – there are still more green fields than ever being given permission for building, which is much worse than plastic grass.

Would Deputy Gabriel like to take a stroll along the Oberlands and see the latest green field about to be allowed to be ripped up for development of housing? This is a proper green field with proper grass, again our voted-in States deputies do not get their priorities right.



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