Why is it that the most beautiful beaches on the island allow dogs?

Firstly, may I say my wife and I are dog (and cat) lovers, having had several over the years and we have no issues with folk (generally) who have dogs. What we do object to are the growing problems of inconsiderate dog owners on our beaches. The Vazon dog-free area is regularly ignored and Grandes Rocques, which is – or was – our favourite beach has now become almost unusable due to the antics of so many dogs not on a lead running about, in and out of the water, and generally being a complete pest to everyone else.

We saw only today a mangy-looking mongrel left by its owner to run wild around the beach. Said dog then decided to run up to the people sitting along the sand and cock its leg near to people. Another rushed up to where a lady and two very young children were sitting, grabbed several of the babies’ toys and ran off with them. No apologies from the owner of course.

Another pooped on the dry sand at the top of the beach – again ignored by its owner. One dare not say anything as looking at some of the owners, things could get nasty.

Dogs should be kept on a lead by law and supposed dog-free beaches should be policed, maybe by a special constable. Why is it that the most beautiful beaches on the island allow dogs? I think there are only three that are supposedly dog-free.

We have very young grandchildren and it frightens me when they are enjoying the beach but having to look out for errant dogs. Please constables, or whoever makes the decisions, create more canine-free beaches to stop these pests so as we can all enjoy our fantastic beaches.


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