It’s a retrograde step to make people pay for recycling bags

I AM most concerned about the possible closure of bring banks – it has been stated that the majority of people in a survey say they do not use them. What survey? No one has asked me – and how many other users of bring banks have not been asked either? We have never used the kerbside collections as I suspected right from the start that eventually the States would decide to close the bring banks, so we have regularly taken our recycling to them and not used the kerbside collection in order to show ‘the powers that be’ that they are needed. I am not a fan of all these bags out on the roadside cluttering up the pavement ready to be blown away/broken up and strewn everywhere, so am happy to take them to a bring bank when out and about. I would really be annoyed at being forced to use the kerbside collection and pay for it. So far since this new system we have only put out six black sacks and never any food waste as that is all composted for our garden, so I feel that we have paid far too much for our waste collection already, what with the annul fee and our parish rates. We never had much rubbish to put out before this, so have always paid far more than was necessary.

I think It will be a retrograde step to start paying for these bags as it will inevitably cause fly-tipping or general rubbish bins being filled with household paper, plastic, tins etc. People will be far less inclined to take their rubbish home and be seeking other places to dispose of their recycling. It is not a good way to ‘thank’ people for doing so well with their recycling efforts over the past years.


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