States let us down with PEH field decision

AFTER all the media hype, letters constantly in the Press, television interviews, and radio on the subject etc. our gullible States members went totally against the electorate’s views on saving that lovely green field site by the Princess Elizabeth Hospital from being built on. All the farmers, wildlife enthusiasts, etc. totally against it happening also totally ignored.

Twenty-five politicians fell for this ridiculous amendment by Deputy Inder to build on this field in lieu of finding a brownfield site to replace as agriculture. What a complete joke and they all fell for it, just to make this hot topic easy to conclude.

Deputy de Sausmarez quoted quite correctly that this States’ decision is trying to replicate something we have already.

Does a brownfield site really exist? Who knows? Of course, there is the Dairy building which will be moved soon, also the Duchess of Kent, both in the exact area of that greenfield site.

Twenty-five deputies have let the electorate down just to take the easy way out, with no real thought of our views, a complete disgrace and mistrust to us all.

There are going to be serious repercussions for these deputies, the general public is incensed, just look at Facebook in the last few days and of course word on the Guernsey street.

Deputy David Mahoney, the destroyer of the greenfield site, says this is now common sense. I question that ridiculous comment.

Deputy Falla said the vote was not the end of the story, the public can make their views against the build known at the planning application. We all know that representations really do not work as we are up against a States decision.

I have carefully put away in a folder those names of the deputies who voted to build on this site and we hope the Guernsey Press will at the run-up to the next election print those names of deputies who have let this electorate down.

Twenty-five deputies who have now fallen from grace and are not to be trusted, even if they do not stand in future. There will be serious repercussions over this and it is starting now. As someone on the beach on this hot day said to me, ‘Is this now the worst States we have voted in? It certainly looks that way as everyone is calling this vote a disgrace’.


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