Island-wide voting has proved to be a mistake

SOME of us (the electorate), always thought IWV would be a mistake – and so it has proved to be.

Deputies no longer feel any alliance or allegiance to parish matters, so they’re at liberty to ignore anything they don’t want to deal with, because they’re not accountable to their parishioners.

They can pick and choose which meetings they attend, or whether or not they deign to attend them at all.

They can gang up with impunity, as in the boorish behaviour in the house meted out to Deputy Lindsay De Sausmarez, all in all giving an implicit message to their voters.

A far cry from the fervent promises of industrious care and protection of islanders at the election.

Why isn’t anyone taking a stronger stance on parliamentary conduct (or rather lack of it), and insisting that a smidgen of noblesse oblige is injected into procedures? A modicum of basic manners wouldn’t go amiss.

I suppose they’re too busy to notice, as they’re on a mission to desecrate our beautiful countryside.

For the benefit of local people, you understand – locals would be politely told to ‘Naff off’ (no change there then). What an illuminating letter [Imported nurses get much more for the same job, 19 July], from Sue Marshall. Quite a revelation.

What is it with some people? Do they have a deep-seated mental fetish against a love of trees, grass and wild flowers (which keep us all sane), or have they a deeper love of the concrete, tarmac and car parks they want to replace them with?

When we stand before the Pearly Gates as we all must, I suppose the grabbers amongst us will be having a crafty shufty around to see if a land-grab in the Elysian Fields could be negotiated, while a celestial choir, with dulcet tones, ring out over the heavens, with their signature tune.


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