Motorcyclists are being discriminated against

APPARENTLY following a consultation period, it is the intention to replace the motorcycle parking near the ladies’ pool at La Vallette, it should never have been removed from there in the first place. However, I am concerned that this will result in the removal of any motorcycle parking further along the road near the Horseshoe pool. Its current placing is certainly not ideal and would be better placed nearer the Gents' pool. At least it would be better located for people using those pools and better located should the parking on South Esplanade be full. I believe motorcyclists are being discriminated against due to the reducing amount of space being provided to them over recent months, particularly in the south of Town. The motorcycle park next to Coco cafe has now been handed over to a private company in order for them to park up their electric push bikes, resulting in the parking in that area being full by 9am. Why hand over public space to a private company?

The parking on the Albert Pier has also been considerably reduced, partly by the little tourist train and partly due to concrete blocks being stored there. Mention these facts to any Traffic civil servant and they will sarcastically tell you that they know best.

On a visit to Town a few weeks ago, I went to use the bike parking in the South Esplanade only to find no parking, the parking next to the bus terminus was full and there was no parking on Albert Pier due to a cruise ship being in. The small North Beach bike park was also full. I eventually managed to literally squeeze into a space on the Crown Pier. With a car you can usually find somewhere but with a bike it is very difficult.

At this time of year, I would have thought that this particular States committee would want to encourage the use of two wheeled transport over four – not just push bike. At least this would help alleviate the long queues of traffic seen on a daily basis and to also alleviate the daunting parking situation. Bikes are also more environmentally friendly than cars. Mine, like all new bikes, is Euro 5 compliant which produces less emissions than a small car and mine is 1,600cc.

This morning I tried to park in the only viable bike park at La Vallette – however, two cars had decided to park there instead. I contacted the police and asked if I could park in a car space due to the bike spaces being taken. Of course, they said no and I would get a ticket if I did. A warden appeared and eventually so did the offending drivers. I was told they would not get a ticket on such a nice sunny day and upset their day.

Of course, it didn’t matter that I and any other bike rider had nowhere to park in the meantime.

Seems like double standard because a while ago I watched a warden put a ticket on a scooter that was parked in a car space. I said he was probably out swimming, but my reply was, ‘well he shouldn’t be parked here’.

It would be nice to know what the Traffic Department are playing at and hopefully before the summer comes to an end. I guess I won’t hold my breath.


Editor’s footnote: A spokeswoman for Traffic and Highway Service responds:

Traffic & Highway Services (THS) can confirm that there is certainly no policy to reduce provision of motorcycle parking. Encouraging motorcycle use is in line with the Integrated Transport Strategy as their use reduces pressure on congestion, they take up less parking space and they generate fewer emissions than other motorised forms of transport. THS continually monitors the availability of motorcycle parks to ensure there is adequate capacity and, where there are areas of high demand, it investigates options for extending or adding new parks.

For the areas specifically mentioned by the correspondent, THS is currently reviewing the need for extra motorcycle parking in the area of La Vallette bathing pools. This is part of a wider review of traffic and parking provision in this area following the increased usage of the pools since the recent refurbishment. Any significant changes that require a change to parking legislation will, as normal, be subject to public consultation, in which case the correspondent’s comments will be taken into consideration.

At the South Esplanade, THS has tried to balance the needs of all people who use the area and due to increased demand for additional cycle parking at this end of Town, it has reallocated the motorcycle spaces near Les Echelons/South Esplanade junction

to be a temporary cycle park during peak visitor season. Recent counts have shown that there is still capacity in the remaining motorcycle parks located in this area, but we will continue to monitor this.

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