Are bring banks being prepared for closure?

HEAR, hear to Mrs C Babbe for addressing our waste, my thoughts exactly [It’s a retrograde step to make people pay for recycling bags, Friday 15 July].

The comment was, the majority of people in a survey say they do not use the bring banks. As she rightly said, what survey? When was the survey done? Who did they ask? Not at the bring bank sites that’s for sure. I use the bring banks weekly, as I too do not wish to leave bags out on the pavement for them to be blown possibly down the road, living on the west coast.

They took away the Vazon bring banks without consultation with users.

Yes, they can get very messy around the containers. Perhaps parish volunteers could be made available (daily) to keep the waste sites looking well presented. The Waitrose site can be disgusting with litter. This should lead to better management of the site, more manpower, should you want the public to continue our recycling efforts, or is this a ploy for an excuse to close them down?

We need a green waste site collection point in the upper parishes. Good idea – green waste bins for home use should you have a small patch.

I use a green waste one-ton bag regularly to be collected. It is £25 a time. Yes, not cheap. Not everybody can afford that I realise, or would want to.

I see the intention is to try to save the States £100,000 by closing the bring banks while they can waste our money in other directions.


Editor's note: 1,800 people took part in the survey, carried out by Island Global Research for Guernsey Waste. The States said it was publicised in the media, social media, and posters at bring banks.

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