Could Aurigny reconsider the Stansted route?

WE WISH to establish whether your readers feel like we do over the loss of the Stansted airline route. We have family and friends in East Anglia, specifically the Cambridge, Royston and Ely areas, so we travel a number of times per year with Aurigny both ways. We also have regular guests visit from that area throughout the summer months.

Having lived in Guernsey for 11 years we have always valued the Stansted option for flights as it means we feel connected with those we hold dear, whilst continuing to live on this wonderful island with all its many benefits. Now we have to use Gatwick which entails a car or rail trip of over two hours each way, rather than the 35 minutes or so it took from Stansted to the Cambridge area. From Gatwick it is a distance of 97 miles on the quickest car route.

We have elderly relatives, one of whom has to take a taxi to Gatwick because the journey by train through London would be too difficult to navigate.

We have contacted Aurigny, only for them to say initially that the route was not used sufficiently, yet we rarely travelled on a less than half-full plane and more often than not it was full.

Aurigny also says that we should use East Midlands to access the Cambridge area - their staff seem poor at geography - East Midlands is two hours away by car and three hours by train and bus.

It is only by a number of us putting pressure on the airlines that we might persuade them to rethink their decision, islanders need these lifeline routes for visiting both ways. The finance and IT industries surely would benefit from close links to Cambridge, which is a hub for both sectors. Another contributor to our island economy is tourism from and to East Anglia.

In conclusion, we understand fully that Aurigny has to operate as profitably as possible, however it is States owned and should also therefore provide the service routes needed by the island population. Can we establish the need for Stansted flights through the Guernsey Press and thereby persuade Aurigny (and Blue Islands) to reconsider the Stansted route?


Editor’s footnote: A spokeswoman for Aurigny replies:

Aurigny actively looks to provide new and exciting route destinations for our passengers. In 2022 we have offered new routes to Ibiza, Porto, Mallorca, Paris, Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin, Copenhagen, Geneva and Nice, all proved exceptionally popular, with some routes selling out within days of release. This winter, we have secured routes to Scotland over the Christmas and New Year period and of course returned with our very popular Grenoble service.

New ports in the UK are under constant revision, whilst we would like to fly to many destinations and widen our network, at present our busy London Gatwick route remains our focus for the wider London area. All of that said, a return to London Stansted is certainly not out of the question.

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