Destroying PEH field is a diabolical idea

WELL done to those deputies who voted to destroy the beautiful trees and millions of wildlife inhabitants and grazing area by destroying the field between the Princess Elizabeth Hospital and the Duchess of Kent house for more bricks and mortar, or should I say flat-pack housing. Then, to top a diabolical decision, deciding that another area elsewhere like an old greenhouse site, a so-called brown site, should be bought – yes, bought – to create a greenfield site in another area to replace it. Then in an interview after the meeting a deputy had the audacity to state ‘the medical professionals asked for it and wanted it, and they know what they want’. So, does that mean everyone must simply ignore any other way of thinking and give them what they want? St Martin’s Hotel site is just around the corner if they want to spend some money. It is an eyesore that could be sorted and it would save another green field being destroyed. We were led to believe on the doorstep at election time you were going to do what the people wanted, especially in saving our island from becoming a concrete jungle. Yet once in power the majority of you set off on your own agenda.

Carry on the way you are and there will come a time in the future when the children living in Guernsey will only know what a field looks like from paintings and photos.


5, Rosemount

Mont Arrive

St Peter Port


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