Guernsey Press

Politicians, stop bickering and ban disposable vapes

Firstly, let me just say that for those readers who say ‘not him again’ – I know the feeling, and quantify simply by saying it is ‘because I care’.


I care that in the United Kingdom, the government is considering a total ban on disposable vapes (possibly in 2024).

Guernsey, it appears is once again way out of step and failing to introduce tougher controls on vape sales, according to Guernsey Press articles.

One article, although it stated that tougher controls were being planned, acknowledged that Guernsey is now one of the few places in Western Europe, along with Switzerland, without any legislation on the sale of e-cigarettes.

So, as it is down to individual shops to enforce a voluntary age restriction. I see quite frequently young adults of school age purchasing vapes from my local filling station, which at this time they are perfectly allowed to do so.

Health and Social Care naturally cites resource constraints as a contributing factor to delays in producing meaningful legislation. Well, as far as I am concerned you need to bin your petty squabbles with fellow politicians and wake up to the fact that the whole vape scenario has got completely out of hand.

Designed to curb the habit of smoking, yes, to be commended, but it has now become a substitute for a lollipop when it comes to teenagers (school children).

It is now a maze of opportunity allowing young people who have never smoked to sample delicious flavours which are so new to our society. We don’t really know the effects of these drugs.

What do our own doctors have to say? Rather quiet on that front it seems.

Either way, I would suggest that politicians take a break from bickering with each other and dedicate themselves to the essential, necessary and possibly life-saving duty of protecting the vulnerable (especially schoolchildren) from these unhealthy, harming pastimes, being disposable vapes.

Art Allen-O’Leary