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Bank should ensure its customers are properly informed

I was tasked by a friend with severely limited mobility to take her to the Barclays High Street branch, St Peter Port, and we planned our week to enable us to do this.

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I telephoned the contact number given on the internet to check that this was possible as I had heard vaguely that the High Street branch was closing. The person I spoke to was, I realise now, completely unaware of the situation in Guernsey. In addition, I checked online at what time the High Street branch opens and it stated 9.15am.

We set off in the morning and I dropped my friend in Church Square to go to the bank and then went to park my car. When I rejoined my friend we discovered that the High Street branch was no longer operational and we would have to go to St Julian’s Avenue. Since there is no parking near that office of Barclays, this was impossible for my friend. We had a completely wasted and tiring morning.

We asked ourselves, what on earth could we do next? For elderly, infirm customers a branch in the avenue is hopeless.

I feel very strongly that Barclays should ensure that its customers are properly informed. My friend and her husband, who is now in a care home, have been Barclays clients for over 40 years.

Our experience may well be of interest to other Guernsey clients of Barclays.

Carol Morris

Beau Reveil, Route de L’ Eglise, Castel