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It’s time to act and harness the power of wind

Just as Jersey and Alderney are making attempts to get on with generating wind-powered electricity, it would be very much in Guernsey’s interest to spring into action and get on with the preparation of finding investors, and the preparation to overcome the problems, and the inevitable resistance likely to come about, to generate clean electricity soon locally.

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Historically windmills such as the Vale Mill were seen here to grind corn, pump water etc. People would soon get used to them again.

If windmills were placed as close as practical to the power station on offshore islets nearby, any potential noise disturbance would be minimised, as well as power losses in transmission, and the visual impact of the windmills in action would even be interesting to observe.

An international concern which wishes to create giant export electrical generating capacity may come about at some distant time, but their main concern will not be to take care of Guernsey’s needs.

Land-based electricity generation would be a quicker way to create the required electricity, before the existing fuel generators wear out.

Methods of storing, exporting and converting surplus electricity by electrolysis into hydrogen and oxygen, as well as obtaining electricity when in need from France or potentially Jersey, require preparation.

Mark Hesse