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How was Guernsey allowed to get in such a mess?

The Facebook entries about P&R and the vote of no confidence (which even if successful is a total waste of time and tax-payer’s money) are beyond exasperating.

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Why do certain people never cease to enjoy putting others down? I am so bored reading the sniping opinions of some of the general members of the public. I wonder which of you think you would have the intelligence or fortitude to try to do better?

I think the current P&R has done the best it can with what it has been faced. It inherited a total mess. It has also been faced with a totally divided group of deputies, many of whom seem to have lost sight of the best interests of Guernsey and seem to be focused on promoting themselves; they appear to vote guided by public opinion and an overriding desire to ensure they are re-elected. The sad reality is that is not their role. They need to do what is best for the island.

We need fundamental change and that won’t come from a change in the members of P&R. The rest of their clan will still be there.

Quick question – what idiots would abolish the 11-plus education system without having something to replace it with? Easy answer – the last Assembly. The current P&R members didn’t lead then – that in itself is a shame because I doubt they would have made such an ill-informed decision. Who would get rid of something that was at least working (maybe not to everyone’s wishes) without having a replacement?

Second question: Why didn’t the previous Assembly – many of whom are still present and critical of the current P&R – fail to maintain our property portfolio? Our hospital? Our schools? The harbour? How hypocritical of them to criticise the current P&R for what has effectively been their own failings in not spending money wisely in order to at least retain what we had; it is their inaction that has left us facing serious problems and a lack of finances to resolve them.

The reality is we now need to find the money to resolve these problems. While many members of the public are against GST, I am willing to place a bet that if any members of the old Assembly are back in P&R, GST will be introduced.

It is so sad to see that Guernsey has been allowed to get into such a mess. The Assembly needs to stop holding back P&R from repairing the damage caused by the lack of action of the last Assembly and allow it to do its job for the benefit of everyone on the island. Most of the public voted for change – we need to let that change happen and not tie the hands of the current P&R in this way.

Please, please, please can the Assembly start voting positively for the benefit of the island and can the public let the Assembly do what we voted them in to do without rancour. The public are not the politicians.