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What message do we as an island want to send from the ‘Guernsey for Gaza’ demo?

TO ANY Guernsey resident contemplating joining the ‘peaceful demonstration Guernsey for Gaza’ on Saturday, I would urge them to think very carefully. This group is effectively supporting Hamas (a terrorist organisation) by criticising Israeli defence activities. While we all agree that sadly many civilian Palestinians have become war fatalities in Gaza, we must also acknowledge that this war began following a deliberate terrorist attack upon totally innocent human beings. Hamas carried out this massacre in the sure knowledge that Israel would retaliate, deliberately building their terrorist headquarters in tunnels beneath the Al-Shifa hospital, effectively using innocent Palestinians as human shields.


It is universally accepted that Israel has the right to defend itself against terrorism and the only way to do so is to destroy Hamas, who have no qualms about carrying out terrorist attacks as they have historically demonstrated. During the current conflict Israel has issued prior warnings to any attack on Gaza in the form of telephone messages, leaflet drops and emails. They have also brought in urgently needed medical supplies, along with Arabic speaking medical teams, and have continually urged civilians to evacuate the area.

On October 7 2023 no such warnings were issued by Hamas to the innocent families (including babies) who were butchered, tortured and taken hostage. Children forced to witness their parents being raped and beheaded, youngsters enjoying a music festival literally forced to run for their lives. The inhumanity and horror of this attack has unequivocally been confirmed by President Biden, Rishi Sunak and many other Western leaders. We cannot allow terrorism to have equivalence with self-defence. Nothing can justify terrorism.

Far better to attend the service at 11am this Sunday at the RGLI Memorial in the Sunken Garden to commemorate the sons of Guernsey who made the ultimate sacrifice 106 years ago.

P A & A Lewis

St Peter Port