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Deputies have lost all control of what is going on

Our deputies should surely call for an election come the spring and not prolong the mess they have got – and continue – to get Guernsey into.

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They have totally lost all control of what is going on – if in fact they ever had control – and from a position of taking on the job they convinced people voting for them what they were going to do in respect of putting the island back on track.

They have managed to push us further into debt and ruination.

This present set of States deputies has also managed to introduce a split house, and now we have groups that are holding vendettas against each other.

There is a toxic atmosphere and personal grudges have taken over from what is right for the people or the island.

This is getting serious because while these people are trying to get one over on an opponent in the House they are not doing the job in hand.

Deputies are playing with people’s lives and they do not appear to have an overall view of what is happening if it is nothing to do with education, housing or borrowing money.

Over the years our government has given away or sold some of the island’s assets well short of their valuation.

This present government is hell-bent (like the last one) on increasing the number of people into the island from overseas.

Every person they seek to import means another house we do not have, and more vehicles on our roads.

I would say we need a cap on both these things.

In reality this island and its people are in a catch-22 position.

Do we continue to do as we have been doing and re-elect those who have been in the House for years, but have only succeeded in bringing us down with stupid ideas that will never work, and costing a fortune?

Or do we elect new faces that are only going to jump on the bandwagon?

Sadly people have become so disillusioned many are already saying they are not going to vote anymore.

Rod Hamon

5 Rosemount, Mont Arrive, St Peter Port