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Why are ordinary Guernsey parents being forced into a sub-standard system?

The three private colleges are flourishing with more and more wealthy parents prepared to pay for the universally-accepted best secondary education system of 11-18 schools. 98% of top-ranked UK secondary schools are 11-18 with integral sixth forms.

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Why are ordinary Guernsey parents being forced into a substandard system at vast cost which we can’t afford, of 11-16 schooling, with three schools and a sixth form college?

The number of Guernsey children is falling so fast that there is talk of closing another primary school. In the next few years the number of States-educated secondary children is going to be approximately 2,000. Just the correct number for two secondary modern 11-18 schools.

The education secondary schooling budget is heading for £150m. including the £20m. ‘refurbishment’ of the old Grammar School at today’s prices.

Spend £30m. on each of Les Beaucamps and St Sampson’s High schools enlarging them to 1,000 pupils each (the same size as the old Grammar School) and spend £20m. ‘refurbishing’ the old Grammar school as the new Guernsey Institute.

Total cost £80m. giving a saving of £70m. More importantly the island will have five 11-18 schools giving equally the best education start in life to all our children.

Peter Bachmann