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Police should visit schools and talk to motorcyclists about their noisy exhausts

I’m hoping Deputies Prow and de Saumarez read the Press regularly, along with Deputy Queripel, because I can tell them with a great degree of certainty that 90%-plus of offenders are youngsters riding small-capacity motorbikes whose silencers have been adapted or, in some cases, removed altogether. This can be evidenced just by going to one of the secondary schools when they finish each day and all the kids are leaving.

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I noticed recently the police had prosecuted a young rider for having an excessively noisy exhaust and having failed to rectify it. This proves that it is possible to deal with the problem sensibly without need for complex legislation – Deputy de Saumarez please note.

I know police resources are stretched but why couldn’t one of their officers visit the schools to advise young riders of their responsibilities as road users? The solution to this antisocial behaviour is not that complicated.

Michael Watt

La Carriere, Vale