Guernsey Press

Timed parking would wipe out the few spaces that residents need

FURTHER to the recent articles regarding apparently abandoned vehicles in the road near Bluebell Woods, please can I make a request to those who will make the decision on a possible introduction of timed parking in that road.


I am a resident of Croutes Havilland, a small lane approximately five minutes’ walk from the parking area in question. I am fortunate to have parking at my property but the vast majority of houses in Croutes Havilland have no parking at all and they rely on finding street parking nearby, of which there is very little. The abandoned cars in Fermain Road have been there for years, it is clear to see. There are plants growing around the tyres, and some are full of rubbish, it is obvious they are never moved. They need to be dealt with, and I notice there are now ‘police aware’ signs on their windscreens so hopefully the authorities will track down the owners and the vehicles in question can be moved on.

Some residents in that road are suggesting the introduction of limited timed parking to allow visitor parking for Bluebell Woods and Fermain Bay. While this would be a nice thing to have, it would wipe out these few spaces for the local residents that need longer periods of parking every day when they get home. Since the removal of a few spaces by the previous Morley Chapel there are so few places for nearby residents to park.

If you are fortunate to have parking at your own property, please bear a thought for those that do not and those people will be extremely grateful for a few more spaces to be freed up for their use.

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