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Guernsey can set an example in fighting climate change

I AM worried about climate change and the way it is affecting our planet. I wish for Guernsey to stop using the nuclear power plant in France and our fossil fuel power station because of global warming.


I would be very happy if our island could install wind farms and tidal power since Guernsey has strong winds and a large tidal range.

I would like to stop climate change because I am worried about the way it might affect my life when I get older and my kids’ future. Maybe my kids won’t have big open forests, clean air to breath in, or even fresh seas.

As I’ve grown up I have noticed little changes in various different things. For example, the seas getting warmer, heat waves, bigger and more regular storms and other strange events. As a small island we can set an example for other countries. Then maybe, just maybe, other countries will copy us, and then more countries will copy them. Think about how much better the world would be if everyone did the same thing.

I hope the States will do what is right for our island, wildlife, the world and everyone’s future.

Our whole school is passionate about climate change and therefore I think it should get as much attention as possible.


Forest Primary School