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The world is being turned upside down

I REFER to the front page of the Guernsey Press, on Saturday 2 March in reference to assisted dying. And here we go again, with Gavin St Pier intending to bring the subject before the States of Guernsey before the end of this year. This will be the second time that he has done so.


Are you ready for the possible outcome, this time or the next time, until it is finally passed and introduced? Yes, there are those who might welcome the introduction of euthanasia, but there are also those who will fear it.

In the few countries that it has already been introduced, those who fear it the most are the elderly. They fear going into hospital in case they don’t come out. And this fear has been fully justified. How, you might ask? Since the introduction of euthanasia in these countries, there has been an alarming increase of elderly patients who have gone in for a routine operation and not come out. Add to that, no satisfactory explanation and your mind begins to wonder.

An example of what at first appeared to be beneficial, that of abortion. In the beginning the law had strict guidelines which were meant to protect both the baby and the mother. In other words, there had to be a good reason. Move forward to this day, and here in Guernsey we now have abortion literally available on demand, right up until full-term. And for what good reason? Virtually for none.

Guernsey has, if not the strongest pro-abortion laws in the world, it’s not very far from the top of the list. I’m certain that not all of the deputies in the States of Guernsey are pro abortion. That not all deputies feel so strongly that they are comfortable with Guernsey’s abortion law. Sadly, there are more who are pro abortion and feel so strongly, that the downside is we now have such a far-reaching law. How long will it be before that law is extended further? 30-day free trial. If not satisfied return, no questions asked.

You can rest assured, that when euthanasia is first passed into law, that it too will have strict guidelines. They will be there to protect people from being pressured into agreeing to be euthanised, from those only too willing to help the elderly on their way. Both unwillingly and quietly without their knowledge and or that of their families. And at first these guidelines will be strictly followed.

Then, just as with the abortion laws, they will be slowly removed, until the point it becomes legalised murder. Just as abortion has become legalised murder and without good reason. How strange a world we live in.

Eventually, when all is said and done and time has passed, there will no longer be any guidelines or restrictions in place when it comes to euthanasia, just like abortion. You could even find a restriction placed on how long you can live. Then you are euthanised by law when you reach that age. Probably the day after you reach the age of retirement.

This world has such a bright future ahead of it. The world’s extremists are already taking control, ruling the world from the shadows of the underworld. Freedom of speech will be banned. Speaking out will be punishable by law. Our vocabulary will be limited. And words we once used freely in conversation will be removed. Such words, if spoken, will be punishable by law.

This is the new world age into which we are being forcibly dragged. So many are completely unaware. Right is now wrong and wrong is right, where male and female no longer exist.

We are being forced into the sexless age. This is happening as you read this letter. An age in which the information your eyes are sending to your brain could be deceiving. Not that there is anything wrong with your eyes. Simply, that the person in front of you, doesn’t necessarily view themselves as either male or female. It will soon become an offence, punishable by law to refer to anyone in terms of gender.

The right to see yourself for who you are, male or female, man or woman, boy or girl is to be taken from you. Forcibly by law. Yes, what a crazy mixed-up world.

Sadly, unless something is done, immediately, this will continue, soon to become absolute. It is difficult enough now and it shows no sign of stopping. Unless we stop it. One day, you’ll go to the doctor, simply feeling down and find yourself leaving with a prescription filled out for euthanasia. It will become the answer to all mental health issues, even short-term.

Passing a law allowing euthanasia, assisted dying, whatever term you want to use will become the thin end of the wedge. Just as it proved to be with the law for abortion. And even more recently, allowing same-sex marriage. Look around and see what has happened since, the extremists have forced open the floodgates to the point that the world is being turned upside down.


17 Delancey Court

Rue des Monts

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