Guernsey Press

What are we voting for? We shouldn’t have to think about it

An interesting headline in the Guernsey Press on 8 April (What are we voting for?)


The point is we shouldn’t have to think about it; the answer should be self-evident.

We want a government with a five-year plan set out in the first couple of months and put to the people so they know what they are getting, over that term.

We want a government that’s made with politicians, not big-mouth personalities.

We want a government that sticks to its guns and doesn’t go over the same things time and time again.

We want a government that doesn’t waste our money (£30 million on a hospital overspend, and £5 million(?) for an incinerator and we got nothing, and the fraud where somebody just sent new bank details in to swindle the States) plus countless millions wasted on reports that tell the States something they don’t want to hear so nothing happens.

We want accountability, not blaming previous administrations.

If you or the committee mess up, then own it and go.

With a new Labour government almost assured of getting in, the offshore centres – our financial safety net – look like they will be a prime target.

We are in a black hole now and I can see it getting so much worse unless the people we elect have the guts and the drive to do something.

Life in Guernsey has got increasingly more expensive with many people becoming working poor and those on benefits not keen to get off them, because they become worse off.

We need a dynamic government of answers not questions.