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Fermain cafe: why change what works?

IN A recent Press article [Cutting future Guernsey some slack, 5 April], Horace Camp wrote that he was always worrying about the way our island was going and the terrible things happening in our world today.


And then he thought, ‘At my age, stop worrying, there’s nothing you can do, so just let them get on with it. I will not be here to see the results.’

I have been feeling the same for some time now, but what he said made me think, no, I must worry about things because I care what will become of our beautiful island and while I can do nothing about worldwide conflict and warfare, I can speak out about local affairs and changes being made which are not to the benefit of the island, which can be unfair and unnecessary.

Take, for example, the Fermain cafe.

A successful small business that has been run by the same person for over 20 years, building up a reputation for quality food and good service. In fact they achieved the title second-best cafe in the world by the Guardian in 2017.

Much loved by visitors and locals alike – why change it?

In fact there was a time when the cafe became so popular that people insisted on driving down there to eat, blocking the narrow lane to the beach and abusing the car parks belonging to the two hotels down there. Unfortunately, narrowing the width of the lane blocked access for the emergency services and the police had to sort things out in the end.

So, what exactly will this proposed additonal two storeys do for this building?

How will it contribute to the ‘enhancement of this area’?

There is no public parking down there, access by cliff paths and the narrow lane makes it difficult to reach.

I suspect that the idea is to make a new venue for corporate events to take place, or a jolly nice space for business meetings overlooking the sea. I doubt the corporates will want to walk to it down the cliff paths, they will want to be bussed or driven down. And the last thing visitors or locals want to see down there are men (or women) in suits.

People go there for the peace and quiet and ambience of the area and to get away from their worries and stresses of work.

And just imagine, if this proposed development goes ahead, the noise and disruption in this beautiful area for probably two years or more.


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