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We need to be investing in support and flexible working for mature employees

MANY local businesses seem to benefit greatly from the talent and hard work of recruits from off-island. My experience of people working in Guernsey who have come from abroad has been entirely positive. But the cost of supporting a growing population and infrastructure requirements falls, largely, on the state and the taxpayers. Perhaps local businesses that benefit from these arrangements should pay a levy on each hire, a contribution to the cost of infrastructure and housing. This would also incentivise business to invest in the local workforce, its skills and productivity.


Bringing people of working age to the island as a fix for our ageing demographic is not a reliable strategy. The historic growth in world population and availability of potential recruits is inexorably turning and experts expect global population to fall, within the life of any new housing we might build.

Already some nations, such as Japan, have worked hard to invest in building a society that can cope with older demographics and fewer workers. They have managed to grow GDP per capita as well as support the older members of society, while population has decreased each year. We need to be investing in longer healthspan and innovation in productivity, community support and flexible working for mature employees. The sooner we work on this the easier the inevitable transmission will be.


Bian Brisot

Village de Putron