Guernsey Press

See the value of the little pearl which already exists at Fermain

I HAVE visited Guernsey a few times over my advancing years, loving its location, history, variety and surprises. One of those surprises was finding Fermain Bay and its beautiful cafe with extraordinary hospitality and food offerings.


This place gave me the luxurious feeling of tranquility and class as it nestles naturally into its surroundings enhancing its appeal as a destination. The fact that one has to walk a bit to get there makes it even more special to arrive and be rewarded.

I am told that Guernsey has plans to change the building, replacing it with a much larger three-storey construction which would undoubtedly increase its capacity. Would it also increase its appeal, though?

After all, there are countless places with such tourist destinations dotted around Europe and they almost invariably disappoint from an aesthetic as well as culinary point of view, thereby reducing the attraction of the natural beauty in which they are set. Often, as they fail to attract the necessary crowds to finance their upkeep, they start to look shabby further disincentivising visitors to make the journey.

I do hope Guernsey has given these considerations some thought and see the value of the little pearl which they already have in Fermain Beach Cafe.

Ruth Deroy