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A practical and affordable alternative housing solution

WE ARE all familiar with a long-established shortfall of housing stock, particularly for the less-affluent people in our community.


On various websites you can view what I would class as an alternative to traditional housing methods – homes being built with bricks and mortar and more recently, wood and pre-fabricated modular homes.

This alternative solution is worth a good deal of thought and investigation. Are container homes designed for comfort and built to last?

If you look on websites you would be amazed at what beautiful homes could be made out of a shipping container. It is possible to have one, two and three-storey homes.

These homes are UK built to the latest building regulations and provide features such as insulation, security and resistance to risks such as fire or flooding.

Ideal locations would include existing derelict houses – of which there are plenty – and derelict glasshouse vinery sites. What an improvement this could be.

Give derelict land a sense of purpose

Manufactures can be very creative with design. This is vital to improve the aesthetics of the site, making it feel like an individual home. Stairs can be external.

Container houses are built and fitted to individual specification at the factory with partitions, kitchens, bathrooms, wiring and plumbing, all ready to use. The package can be designed, built and delivered in around 12 weeks.

A fraction of the time for a traditional build. These homes would complement existing housing in the island and would generate a great deal of labour during the construction phase.

Benefits to the public would include affordable and versatile accommodation – also ideal for social housing projects.

Build new communities on derelict sites

Stack, line, stagger and arrange homes to create vibrant connected communities. Increase sheltered housing stock with adapted homes for elderly and disabled people.

Indication of costs: (four bed/two bath) superior home c. £85k and (two bed/one bath) superior home c. £75k

Obviously shipping costs and land/legal costs to be added. Making these types of homes practical and more importantly, affordable.

Philip Gallienne

Les Jonquilles

St Martin’s Court

Rue Maze

St Martin’s