Guernsey Press

Removal of parking along the grass verge at Cobo is an ill-informed decision

ON READING that there would no longer be parking along the grass verge at Cobo I thought it was an April Fool but on the wrong day.


Cobo is one of the most popular bays in Guernsey. There’s the Guet, Mim’s Kiosk, an easy slipway down to the beach for prams etc, the Rockmount, Cobo Bay Balcony Gigs, Cobo Tea Room, Chippy, Cobo Village Centre and Iceland.

It’s an ill-informed decision. Folk will overcrowd the car park at Iceland which has parking restrictions but is never seen to be checked. Businesses will be affected at that end as beachgoers will be parked for a few hours! If Mim’s has been allowed to use some of the grass areas for a pizza van and seating – and I have no problem with this – why can’t the States take a section of the grass verge and make it parking?

A path along this grass area would still be available and safe. The same could be done on the other side of Mim’s where more spaces could be appointed on part of the grass. Part of the Cobo boat park could also be considered as it’s never full. It’s all very well that some folks say walk, cycle, catch the bus, but for a fair few people this isn’t an option. Come on Guernsey, make our island a place where going to the beach, balcony gigs, afternoon tea walks in the area and our tourism are not jeopardised by parking rules when there are options to make what’s already there a possibility.

Life on the beach is a family thing and always has been, please don’t spoil it. Please, please reconsider. Will those who decided this be on their bikes, on the bus or walking?

Karen Langlois