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Well-proven educational topics are now replaced by so-called enlightened culture

THE education of nursery and preschool children, and school curricula in the 21st century are changing. There is no time for teaching the traditional three Rs, as well as reasoning, discourse, and logic – all universally accepted characteristics of sound grounding and preparation for adult life. These well-proven topics are now replaced by modern technology (the iPhone, AI, etc.), and by so-called enlightened culture, including teaching the benefits of DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), and the multifaceted dangers of climate change. The success of this new approach is there for all to see, from toddlers in prams playing with their iPhones to primary schoolchildren marching with placards demanding reduced global warming, a reduction of CO2, and making various similarly unproven claims.


Well-informed and widely-read parents who have taken the time to reflect on, and analyze all these crazy and woke ideologies should be concerned at the outcome of this mindless indoctrination – a generation of ‘entitled’ young people untrained for the workplace, guided by warped ideas, and beset by countless mental issues.

DEI is the new kid on the bloc, but its limits are already evident to some corporations and investors.

And similar doubts are emerging regarding trans issues. Other new ideas are increasingly being questioned. So much for this new culture...

Watching children regurgitating unsubstantiated facts and falsehoods is a reminder of the prophecied upside-down world where children are allowed to overrule adults and oppress elders (read Isaiah 3:4-5).