Guernsey Press

Animal welfare legislation carries no provision to control the cat population

THE article about new animal welfare legislation in the Press is an insight into something we should all welcome with vigour.


The current legislation is woefully out of date and carries no provision whatsoever to control the cat population on our tiny island.

Most cats, unlike dogs which are both domesticated and owned under licence, are allowed to predate freely over large areas of the island, and the disproportionate increase in the number of these pets now being kept is having a devastating effect upon our populations of small wild birds.

It is rapidly beginning to upset the balance of nature.

I firmly believe that responsible cat ownership is just as important as responsible dog ownership, and therefore a comprehensive licensing system should be introduced as a constructive part of the updated legislation.

Can the States see their way to making this law, or is it too politically contentious and therefore the consequences of inaction will see even further destruction of our wild bird populations.

M H Smith

La Croute de Bas

St Andrew’s