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Only two surgeries available for spring Covid vaccinations?

I RECENTLY received a letter from my doctor’s practice to say that I was now able to have a spring Covid vaccination. When I tried to book I was told that the only two surgeries available were either Cobo or St Martin’s – as I am a Town resident I was surprised that previous vaccinations were able to be had at Lukis House. With lots of roads currently up and the buses sometimes on diversions, I decided that I really needed to be somewhere within walking distance, so decided to forego it.


I am no longer a car driver so had no alternative.

I wondered if the other surgeries decided that they were not making enough money to make it worth their while?

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Editor’s note: John Ingrouille, practice manager at the Healthcare Group, replies:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond to the query from one of your readers about accessing Covid booster vaccinations.

The booster program is being offered through the GP practices. Healthcare Group has run vaccination clinics out of all four of our branches, although currently our Covid booster clinics have been set up at two of our branches (our Cobo and St Martin’s locations) due to patient demand and nurse availability. However, we always aim to offer a patient-centred service and if any of our patients are struggling with this provision, then please talk to us and we can help with alternative arrangements.