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Don't demean local women by pandering to the gender cult

CAN our local broadcasters please stop demeaning island women by using ridiculous terms such as ‘people with a cervix’? This latest example recently came with news of a cervical screening initiative for Bailiwick women aged 25 to 64.


In its early morning bulletins, BBC Radio Guernsey failed to use the word ‘women’ even once, referring throughout to ‘people with a cervix’. Not to be outdone, ITV Channel News clumsily reported that ‘checks are recommended every three years for those aged 25 to 49 with a cervix’.

One honourable exception was Island FM, which rejected the woke narrative by informing its listeners that ‘Public Health is urging women to attend free cervical screenings’. A concise message, clearly delivered and without alienating around 50% of the station’s audience.

Perhaps both ITV and the Beeb took their cues from the media release issued by Health and Social Care? That statement did reference ‘all women and people with a cervix’ but why did the broadcasters then go one step further by trying to erase womanhood from public discussion when we all know that women, and only women, can possibly have a cervix?

The answer is clear. For too many years all of the major British institutions, including the mainstream broadcast media, have pandered to the extremities of the gender cult. Sadly, the majority of our local broadcasters have simply succumbed to the same regressive, misogynist and quite frankly bonkers ideology.

M J Tolcher

La Grande Maison de Bordeaux