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Air links need an increased level of political attention

I HAVE just booked return flights for two to and from London Gatwick with Aurigny. The distance both ways is 272 miles and the cost £796. Our onward journey takes us from Gatwick to Brindisi in southern Italy with easyJet. The two-way distance is 2,260 miles and the cost for two £1,152.


What a contrast!

Aurigny’s fares are disproportionately high and with their much-publicised scheduling problems we also have the flight connection worries for our Brindisi flight.

There are clearly management failures with Aurigny. Good and affordable air links to the outside world are essential for our island-based economy and they need a much more serious level of political attention.

Aurigny provides an important service and needs subsidising from the public purse to make it operationally efficient and affordable. The word ‘profitable’ should not even arise as it too often does.

The alternative is to close Aurigny and open up our air links with the outside world to competition (even if it means extending the runway to accommodate larger jets.) Jersey seems to operate much more cost effectively and efficiently on that basis – why can’t we?

Editor’s footnote: Aurigny did not respond to a request to comment.

Doug Johnstone

Le Val de Putron

Fermain Road

St Peter Port