Guernsey Press

‘Pleasure destroyed by enormous number of noisy vehicles’

My wife and I are here on Guernsey and were expecting to enjoy this visit as much as the three previous ones. Our pleasure has been destroyed by the enormous number of noisy vehicles, not confined to but mostly caused by motorcycles.


With a balcony room on the Cobo Bay coastal road we find the noise persists throughout the day but in the afternoon and evening it reaches dangerous levels with the same vehicles tearing backwards and forwards in what appears to be a deliberate way of creating the maximum effect. I see that the problem was first raised many years ago but continues to worsen with no steps being taken.

Well, I can take steps of my own. No more holidays in Guernsey for us until your government takes the simple steps required to stop the noise. It doesn’t seem too much to ask.


Visiting from London – where the police have been provided with the necessary powers and do not hesitate to use them.