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Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline ‘appears to have stopped leaking’

The pipeline is one of two that were ruptured in the Baltic Sea.


The Danish Energy Agency has said one of two ruptured natural gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea appears to have stopped leaking natural gas.

The agency said on Twitter that it had been informed by the company operating the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which runs from Russia to Germany, that pressure appears to have stabilised.

“This indicates that the leaking of gas in this pipeline has ceased,” the Danish Energy Agency said.

Undersea blasts that damaged the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines this week have led to huge methane leaks.

The gas leak
A large disturbance in the sea can be observed off the coast of the Danish island of Bornholm (Danish Defence Command via AP)

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West of sabotaging the Russia-built pipelines, a charge vehemently denied by the United States and its allies.

The US-Russia clashes continued later at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in New York called by Russia on the pipelines attacks and as Norwegian researchers published a map projecting that a huge plume of methane from the damaged pipelines will travel over large swathes of the Nordic region.

Speaking on Friday in Moscow, Mr Putin claimed that “Anglo-Saxons” in the West have turned from imposing sanctions on Russia to “terror attacks”, sabotaging the pipelines in what he described as an attempt to “destroy the European energy infrastructure”.

Gas burning
The leaks come at a time of crisis in gas and energy supply in Europe (AP)

Mr Biden said: “It was a deliberate act of sabotage. And now the Russians are pumping out disinformation and lies. We will work with our allies to get to the bottom (of) precisely what happened.

“Just don’t listen to what Putin’s saying. What he’s saying we know is not true.”

US officials said the Putin claim was trying to shift attention from his annexation Friday of parts of Ukraine.

“We’re not going to let Russia’s disinformation distract us or the world from its transparently fraudulent attempt to annex sovereign Ukrainian territory,” White House National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said on Friday.

Helicopter crew
A helicopter crew monitors the gas leak (Armed Forces of Denmark via AP)

The US has long opposed the two pipelines and had repeatedly urged Germany to halt them, saying they increased Europe’s energy dependence on Russia and decreased its security.

Since the war in Ukraine began in February, Russia has cut back supplies of natural gas sent to Europe to heat homes, generate electricity and run factories. European leaders have accused Mr Putin of using “energy blackmail” to divide them in their strong support for Ukraine.

The attacks on the pipelines have prompted energy companies and European governments to beef up security around energy infrastructure.

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