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Arts Podcast: The story behind ‘The Hunt for Lady Olive & the German Submarine’

Tony Curr speaks to three of the local team behind the documentary telling the story of a unique WW1 naval battle and the four-year search for the two vessels lost near Channel Island waters.

Peter Frankland, Karl Taylor and Richard Keen speaking on the Guernsey Press Arts Podcast. (Picture by Tony Curr, 33150841)

‘The Hunt for Lady Olive & the German Submarine’, which will be broadcast on the BBC nationally soon, premiered at Beau Sejour this week, with two more screenings added later this month due to popular demand.

Ahead of the first showing, filmmaker Karl Taylor, skipper and veteran wreck-hunter Richard Keen and camera operator Peter Frankland joined to explain the story behind the search and the how the documentary itself came to fruition.

Listen here: