‘Donkey determination’ comes to the fore at Beau Sejour

THE Guernsey ladies’ pairing of Lucy Beere and Rose Ogier used their ‘donkey determination’ to make a big comeback against France yesterday.

While dropping their first set had prevented Guernsey from a win against Olivia Four and Cindy Royet, a remarkable second-set whitewash salvaged a draw and allowed them to further increase their positive shot difference.

This very two-sided match unfolded under grey skies but ultimately benign conditions at the Beau Sejour green.

France had settled into play faster and the Guernsey duo had attempted bold moves on a few occasions, unfortunately with little success.

After entering the final end of set one 4-8 down, Beere attempted to soften the defeat by knocking back the jack towards three bowls in waiting but had been unfortunate to instead push away their nearest bowl.

They swiftly put this 4-12 set loss behind themselves, going 16-0 in a great comeback that Ogier referred to as ‘donkey determination coming to the fore’.

France looked to be getting a foot back at times but the Sarnians always managed to disturb the head in just the right way.

‘When it is in a set format, you have to dust it off and pretty much reset and start again,’ said Beere.

‘Both Rose and I are very determined people and we both said to each other that you’re not going to win two sets.

‘We’ve just been informed that we only need to win one set in the fours on Friday and we’re guaranteed a gold medal, so that’s obviously our aim.

‘We want to win as many sets as we can to keep our points up and try to win the overall. I’ve had two silver medals, so I’d like a gold, and I think I’m due a gold in the team.’

Guernsey’s men pairing of Matt Le Ber and Todd Priaulx lost 1-12, 6-6 to England’s Andrew Walters and Tristan Morton yesterday at Delancey.

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