Relaxed ‘Woolly’ is the fittest he has been in years

HOME middleweight favourites Billy Le Poullain and James Woolnough have seen late opposition changes in the countdown to tomorrow’s big ‘Slugfest’ event at Beau Sejour.

Back and raring to go: Middleweight favourite James Woolnough. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 26006611)
Back and raring to go: Middleweight favourite James Woolnough. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 26006611)

Le Poullain’s original opponent, Deniss Dagilis, has been switched to meet the returning warrior Woolnough, while Le Poullain will face up to current London middleweight champion and elite national quarter-finalist Andrea Dascalu of the Stonebridge Club in Wembley.

Woolnough, 29, is excited about the prospect of returning to the action, rather than simply coaching in the corner.

After a two-year break he says he feels fitter than ever.

‘After 18 years of boxing in which I hadn’t had a break I feel refreshed,’ he said yesterday.

He is not placing any pressure on himself and simply wants to do himself justice and is not at all perturbed about the late opposition switch.

‘I’m not really fussed who I fight. I don’t worry about it. I’ll let them do the worrying.’

Still a middleweight, he says he is the lightest he has been for some considerable time.

‘I should put up a good performance.’

Whether the Slugfest return is a one-off for him he is unsure.

‘I’ll see how it goes, but if I get my head boxed off for three rounds I will go back to coaching, which I’ve enjoyed.

‘I’m not really fussed about the result.

‘If I can have a 50-50 fight and hold my own I’ll be happy. It’s not about winning or losing for me.’

Amalgamated Club head coach Ben Duff had previously described Dagilis as a ‘decent lad from West Ham ABC ... the West Ham boxers are all very well schooled.’

The senior card now reads:

Cass Straughan v Sam Edmonds; Marcus Magloire v. Reece Georgiades; James Woolnough v. Deniss Dagilis; Rob Brehaut v. Rian Merry; Tom Teers v. Kabrinda Gurung; Gage Baker v. Nathan Hall; Tomasz Kot v. Stephen Garlic; Mason Smale v. John Henderson; Casey de la Mare v. Emyr Parry; Chris Sumner v. James Thompson; Billy Le Poullain v. Andrea Dascalu.

The Guernsey juniors in action are Xabi Marsh, Kanye Smale, Josh Bougourd, TJ Kimber, Ross Vinning, Ethan Le Moignan, Arnie Watson, Rio Gaudion, Matt Bougourd, Luke Robert and Charlie Watson.

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