Guernsey Football's All-Time Top 100 countdown

WHO has been the biggest star of the Guernsey football scene?

Guernsey Football's Top 100 supported by DWA graphic. (29213549)
Guernsey Football's Top 100 supported by DWA graphic. (29213549)

The title of the island’s best-ever footballer is one that fits perfectly on the striped shoulders of Matt Le Tissier. A true great, renowned across the modern footballing world.

But if you are an octogenarian your view might well be that Len Duquemin was our finest, perhaps ‘Flip’ Le Flem even, and, if you wish to push the best female footballer argument, then Maya Le Tissier wins hands down.

But, who was the island’s best non-professional? It is a question the Guernsey Press sports desk have pondered many times and now, with the support of DWA, we are running a countdown of Guernsey Football's All-Time Top 100 footballers who, at one time or another, have played senior club football on island or returned to play it after a professional career – a ‘rule’ that allows us to acknowledge the capabilities of those like Chris Tardif, the current Guernsey manager.

For our choices, we have gone back to the very start in the 1890s and we come bang up to date by including a few of the stars of 2020. In the 100 you will find at least one player from both ends of that 125-year spread.

To reach a conclusion to which player sits where on the 100-step ladder and those who failed to mount the first step onto it, we have used a simple criteria which saw players scored on the number of Muratti caps achieved, their technical ability, longevity and sheer star quality.

There have been bonus points for those who achieved professional status and yet stepped back into the Priaulx League and give us a peep at what we were missing when they were away in the UK.

It’s a long list. It is a broad one also and we will be updating it regularly until revealing who has come out on top.

100 – Sydney Cotton

99 – Les Arnold

98 – Roger Hemery

97 – Ryan Tippett

96 – Kevin Allen

95 – Jan Renouf

94 – Arthur Broadribb

93 – Charlton Gauvain

92 – Trim Morgan

91 – Alan 'Bonny' Eldridge

90 – Tony Williams

89 – Rodney Webb

88 – Ray Blondel

87 – Brian Knight

86 – Glyn Dyer

85 – Bill Huelin

84 – Ken Carter

83 – Henry Davey

82 – Bob Brehaut

81 – Micky Ogier

80 – Ken Giles

79 – Colin Le Page

78 – Dougie Mechem

77 – Joel Avery

76 – Kevin 'Goosey' Gleeson

75 – Geoff Rowe

74 – Martin Gauvain

73 – Art Le Page

72 – Stan Noel

71 – Harold Chapell

70 – Fred 'Ratter' Cleal

69 – Keith Jeffreys

68 – Freddie Willcocks

67 – Ryan Zico Black

66 – Tommy Le Prevost

65 – Jim Eker

64 – Arthur Pugh

63 – Micky Duncan

62 – Alex Le Prevost

61 – Nigel Le Page

60 – Craig Young

59 – John Herpe

58 – Neil Hunter

57 – Matt Warren

56 – Colin Reeve

55 – Stuart Polson

54 – Bill Le Page

53 – John Mahy

52 – Harold de Garis

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