Poole targeting the ‘35s’ after setting new standard

LEE POOLE has made a particularly swift journey from newbie to record-breaker.

He was one of five competitors setting new marks at Monday’s sun-kissed Val des Terres hill climb, and despite carrying all the prowess of a seasoned hill-climber, he in fact started only last year.

His latest achievement saw him beat the Guernsey Motorcycle and Car Club record in one particularly popular class, the Road Going Production Cars up to 2000cc, on three different runs.

Poole posted 36.35sec. as the cherry on top of a sterling 36.73, 36.47 and 36.64 series.

‘The weather was awesome and it set me up for a good run,’ Poole said after toppling Dan Bichard’s 36.65 from 2018.

‘It was a massive class and to set a new record... hopefully it will stay for a little bit, but obviously I’m going to carry on planning to beat my own record now.

‘I would love to get into the 35s in my [Honda Civic Type R] car and then probably move to another class, but whether I can afford to do it, that’s going to be one of them things.

‘I can see a bit more time to make in mine, but it’s pretty much on the limit.’

His class featured 13 competitors, among them Jamie Le Page, who also ducked under 37sec.

Reflecting on his introduction to hill-climbing, the former autocross driver said: ‘I came down here one day to see one of my mates racing in this class and he said, “Oh, you should have a go at doing it”, so I did, basically.

‘Truth be told, I don’t think he wants me down here now.’

Chris Guille lowered his own record to 33.81 in the up to 1400cc equivalent of that class.

Another record-breaker was Chris Law, who also made use of the warm hill to post 32.42 in his Mini pickup, beating Tim Le Pelley’s Sports Libre G standard.

Chris Law lowered the Sports Libre G up to 1400 class record driving this Mini pickup special. (Picture by Andrew Le Poidevin, 29608044)

Meanwhile, Adam Le Ray’s 31.26 stood as a new record for the 125 Gearbox karts, and Jez Mann dropped his scooter mark to 39.66.

Riders opting for more conventional two-wheelers came out in force in the Motor Cycles 351 to 500 class.

There were 13 of them all told – tying Poole’s class as joint-largest – and Leigh Digard’s 34.02 put him on top from Andy Mechem and Ben Carre.

Among the crack single-seaters, it was little surprise seeing Nick Saunders take the ‘FTD’ once more.

Saunders posted a solid 28.03 to top the overall standings from the much-improved Steve Brehaut (29.03) and Tim Tulie (29.67).

Matt Bougourd peaked at 30sec. on the dot and the woman vying to break the half-minute barrier, Emma Rayson, consolidated her standing as queen of the hill with a 30.62.

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