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Coach hails ‘cracking win’ as veterans prevent inters ‘redwash’

Guernsey’s veterans proved the star turn for the hosts in the weekend’s inter-insular to prevent a looming ‘redwash’.

Tiff Gervaise-Brazier raises the trophy as Guernsey’s vets celebrate their win at Beau Sejour. (Picture by Andrew Le Poidevin, 33047655)

As Beau Sejour buzzed with the excitement of the first home netball inter-insular in five years, the rampant reds of Jersey showed their dominance by winning seven contests from eight, including a 65-29 victory in the headline Senior A match.

Guernsey’s saving grace came in a hard-won victory claimed yesterday by a purpose-built squad of over-30s, headed by several players who could still run with the island’s best in their respective positions.

Pre-pandemic Panthers captain Tiff Gervaise-Brazier, recent Island skipper Zola Saunders and all-time shooting great Verona Tomlin were among the golden ‘oldies’ that defeated Jersey 58-50.

This victory marked a career first for Gervaise-Brazier – the side’s captain – and many fellow members.

‘My first ever inter-insular I’ve won in 20 years,’ said the captain.

‘It feels sweet, but I’m just really proud that we held our nerve, we executed, we were clinical, and it was really well-contested.

‘It was a good display I think.’

Guernsey head coach Sally Carns was in a congratulatory mood.

‘It was a cracking win, and we stopped Jersey from getting that clean sweep, which is important,’ she said.

Elsewhere, Carns was rather pleased to see the A team improving on last spring’s result and the 51-goal loss they suffered at November’s Island Invitational Netball Games.

The head coach credited how the girls ‘completely pulled it back’ after trailing 17-3 in quarter one.

‘The last three quarters, they played probably some of the best netball I’ve seen them play since I took on the job a year ago.

‘Our improvements across the board, if I look solely at my senior performance programme, are fantastic.’

That comment is also in reference to yesterday’s competitive Senior B game, which Jersey won 52-38.

Guernsey’s U19s had fought valiantly to defend their title on the Saturday but slipped to a 49-41 loss.

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