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Women’s Muratti: Guernsey heading in better prepared

Guernsey’s preparation for last year’s Women’s Muratti and tomorrow’s contest at Springfield could be described as chalk and cheese.

Guernsey’s squad training at Northfield this week. (Picture by Tony Curr)

And while modern history suggests that Jersey will start as favourites on home soil, Guernsey assistant coach Katie Watson believes that the amount of competitive football provided by last summer’s home Island Games and the formation of a GFC Women’s team has given the Sarnians more cause for optimism.

‘The girls have all been involved with their GFC stuff, so they’ve all been together for a while now, know each other really, really well and obviously we had some success in the Jersey Cup, so the morale is really high – looking forward to it,’ said Watson, who is part of the coaching team along with her sister Anna Gauvain and Scott Ferbrache.

‘I think we’ve now had 14 games since last year’s Muratti. So just from a preparation point of view, it’s been great because the girls know how to prepare themselves for a match now, whereas previously it was getting themselves ready for one game a year, the Muratti.

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'Now they know what they’ve got to eat the night before, they know how well they’ve got to sleep, all that sort of stuff. They’re just ready to go then.

‘Last year, me, Anna and Scott had only just taken over so it was just getting the girls prepared for that game really, whereas this year we’ve had had lots of time together.

‘But we’re still there trying to close the gap on Jersey.

'I guess everyone would still have us as underdogs, but it’s just about closing that gap, making sure the girls are really confident to go out and play football, and then who knows what can happen?’

The Jersey Cup success Watson refers to came just a fortnight ago when the Green Lionesses lifted the Colin Welsh Trophy by beating St Peter 3-0 in the Jersey Women’s Fa Cup final having overcome Jersey Wanderers in the semi.

‘It was just a really nice sort of dress rehearsal in a way – travelling over the night before, staying all together in the hotel, having a meal, getting up, having breakfast, playing at Springfield as well.

‘They’ve done it now, so we’re ready to start on Saturday.’

While the vast majority of tomorrow’s Guernsey squad were involved in that GFC Women’s cup win, there are a couple of important additions to the squad as Scarlett Gallagher returns from injury and Brighton & Hove Albion academy player Sydney Schreimaier comes into the representative set-up.

‘Sydney’s a quality, quality player, so really looking forward to having her back to strengthen the midfield,’ Watson said.

‘She’s a really strong defensive midfielder. I actually played with her two years ago in the Muratti and you could see her quality then and, obviously, training day in, day out with quality young players as she does, she’s just going to have got a lot better, so we’re really, really looking forward to having her back in.’

The Women’s Muratti kicks off at 10.30am tomorrow at Springfield and will be lived streamed on the Jersey FA YouTube channel.

Guernsey Women’s squad

Adrienne Leech, Aimee Ogier, Amy Dallamore, Calleigh Hedley, Candice Bougourd, Codie Le Flem, Donna Gallienne, Elise Le Lacheur, Emma Queripel, Gracia Van Zutphen, Kayleigh Marquis, Kirstie Marquis, Scarlett Gallagher, Scarlett Kenneally, Sydney Schreimaier, Vicki Rang.