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ALI MERRIEN continues to push on in the world of bowls and has once again been part of history.

Alison Merrien with her IIBC World Championships women's singles trophy after she beat Devon Cooper in the final in Merthyr Tydfil, 12-04-19. Picture from Ian Merrien (24398489)

Yesterday was the first time that both IIBC (previously the WIBC) World Championships singles titles have been retained by the male and female champions at the same time – and so Stewart Anderson and Guernsey star Merrien were the last to win the WIBC Championships and first to win the IIBC World Championship.

Merrien also equals the record of winning four women’s singles crowns. That is on top of her recent exploits in the British Isles Championships where she holds a record six singles titles, record four women’s pairs plus one women’s triples to hold another record –11 British Isles titles.

She beat England’s Devon Cooper 6-5, 7-6 in yesterday’s final.

The 18-year-old Cooper had been drawing superbly all week and the final was no exception.

Merrien matched her, but also had her trademark drive when needed.

The last end was a perfect example where Merrien was 9in. away, but Cooper drew two touchers, holding three.

The scoreboard was level so Merrien needed shot.

She drove and certainly delivered.

As soon as she delivered the bowl, the Sarnian knew it was on target and was as animated as she’s ever been on the rink. As the three woods shot out the head, a big yell from Merrien confirmed she was again champion.

Gareth Prevost

By Gareth Prevost


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