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NO OFFICIAL word yet then whether it’s going to be green or white next Saturday at ‘The Lane’.

Guernsey manager Chris Tardif, right, is a fan of the white 125 strip. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 24587220)

But given that the furore to news that Guernsey’s Muratti team will likely play in the all-white GFA 125 anniversary strip against Jersey next Saturday has come with a lower-case ‘f’ rather than a full on capital ‘F’ and, to be honest, is barely a furore at all, then the Guernsey Football Association should feel content that playing in white is ‘alwight’ (sic).

Sam Cochrane spoke for many, I am sure, when he said that Guernsey should always play in green.

I respect that view and if the current Island kit matched the standout, AKA Hibernian, green-and-white outfits of the ’60s, I would say put the 125 strip away on a shelf somewhere.

But, perhaps it is a sign of the apathetic times we now live in, I am not aware of any great uproar on the kit issue.

The players like it, the manager likes it and, given that they ordered it, so too do the GFA.

It’s a one-off and should be treated as such because it is a strip which marks a special time in the GFA history: 125 years.

And for those who argue we should wear the green outfit because Guernsey always have, well they would be wrong and it hasn’t always been so.

As recently as the late 1970s the Muratti team played in a white shirt that a GFLM board member described to be as very ‘Borussia Monchengladbach-ish’.


And just before that we ran out in a ghastly green pinstripe number.

The big issue in my mind is not so much the 125 white number, but the ugliness of the green kits of recent years. They have lacked class and for 2020 should be replaced by something akin to the Hibs kit, or the green-and-white V-necked shirt of the early ’60s when it was worn with black shorts.

Consider this, though.

It might be white, but it is not red and to my eyes the Jersey strips of recent years have been equally drab.

They should go back to the classic Arsenal number.


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