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Can England win World Cup? ‘Course they can,’ says Jungle Queen Jill Scott

The former Lioness was speaking at the unveiling of a 4.5m statue of herself to publicise being a captain on Sky’s A League Of Their Own.


Lionesses legend Jill Scott has said England can win the Women’s World Cup in Australia and will be the best-prepared team at the tournament.

The Euros 2022 winner praised the “humble” squad and said she will have no problem being a pundit this time instead of a player.

She said: “I’ve watched the Lionesses a few times as a player since I’ve retired – they were too fast for me, and too good.”

A League Of Their Own
Scott was impressed by the statue when she unveiled it (Owen Humphreys/PA)

“I think it’ll be the best-prepared team going out to the World Cup.

“Yeah, there’s going to be competition from the likes of Spain, Brazil you can never ever write off, (and) USA’s mentality – that winner’s mentality.

“But I do think that we’ll do well.

“I think we’ll be the best-prepared team and can we win it? Course we can.”

England v Germany – UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 – Final – Wembley Stadium
Jill Scott shows her competitive side during the Euros 2022 final (Jonathan Brady/PA)

She said: “I’m standing here and it’s just such a surreal moment, to think I’ve actually got my own statue.

“And I think she looks pretty decent to be honest.

“The process was that I had to go into a room, there was about 130 cameras and they just all flashed at once, and off that one picture, they created this statue.

“The attention to detail is brilliant.

A League Of Their Own
The statue was based on 130 photos of Scott taken at the same time (Owen Humphreys/PA)

“It’s just such a proud moment for me and my family to think that I’ve got a statue.”

The Mayor of Gateshead was there, along with players from the Boldon and Gateshead College sides she played for growing up.

Scott said she will be fine coping with the cut and thrust of the fun show, following other ex-footballers like Jamie Redknapp and Micah Richards.

A League Of Their Own
Scott met members of Boldon Girls FC, the team she played for growing up (Owen Humphreys/PA)

“So I think this show should suit me really in terms of personality, I want to have a laugh, but also being serious at the same time when I want to win for the blue team.”

Asked if the public will see a different side of her on ALOTO, after being voted Queen of the Jungle with her authentic personality, Scott said: “I think I can’t do anything but ‘nice’ to be honest.

“The only time that I was a little bit nasty was when I stepped over that white line but I think I will be a little bit competitive.”

England v France – FIFA World Cup 2022 – Quarter Final – Al Bayt Stadium
Scott will be working as a pundit at the Women’s World Cup (Nick Potts/PA)

“I was used to just going to football every single day.

“Now I have to check my itinerary every single week and try and make sure I’m at places on time.

“I’m enjoying that, I’ve got to do some incredible stuff.

“I was at Royal Ascot last week, I’m going to Wimbledon this week.

“So there’s some great opportunities that are coming along and I’m just grateful to have work especially after you retire.”

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