Travellers upset with airline baggage handling

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HAND baggage that used to fit in Aurigny’s old gauges may not fit in the new ones – but Aurigny argues the measurements have not changed.

The new gauges now have solid sides, as opposed to the old ones that simply had a sizing mouth and open sides. Previously, a passenger could tilt a case with wheels under the mouth and slot them in, or force the bag into the slot.

One family, who were not aware of the changes, felt they were unfairly dealt with last week when they turned up at the airport with a bag that they had used frequently without a problem.

The Hardwick family flew from Guernsey to Manchester last Thursday to take one of their daughters to university. When the couple’s case was measured in the metal Aurigny sizers at the end of the queue, the case no longer fitted and had to be checked in at the desk.

Forthcoming changes to Aurigny’s charging structure in October will mean that any unexpected bags added at check-in on the ‘Light’ fare will incur a £40 charge.


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